Citizens for a Better Barre

There are serious concerns that *must* be resolved before any Industrial Wind Turbine project can be allowed to move forward. Citizens for a Better Barre is committed to making certain that every resident of Barre has a voice in this decision, and that all valid safety and economic concerns connected to such a project are fully resolved. These concerns include the property value impact of turbine construction, the propriety of the board of Barre’s interactions with Heritage Wind / Apex, the ecological impact of turbine construction, the improper use of a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program for a project that will not create any permanent new jobs, and the issue of proper setbacks from property lines to ensure the health and safety of the residents of Barre.

We seek your financial support to continue our canvassing project to give a voice to every Barre resident, hold accountable those in power, and ensure that either a Wind Ordinance is put in place to protect the residents and the economy of Barre, or that no turbines are ever built.

Support will be put towards research and canvassing efforts to ensure that every affected resident of the town of Barre can make their feelings known.

Canvassing will continue until every affected citizen of Barre who can be contacted has been contacted. If you are not a leaseholder and you wish to assist in this project, please contact Alexander Nacca at 585-283-4576.