Planning Board 11/4/2020

Dear Residents of Barre,

This meeting was closed to the public!  Is this legal?  The Town Supervisor and other Town Board Members plus the town attorney were present.  Remember the town attorney and town supervisor made the proposed changes to the present wind ordinance with recommendations from apex.  Took the changes to the Orleans County Legislature to accept, without first taking the changes to the Barre Town Board.  Thanks, to our professional Orleans County Legislature, they rejected to hear the changes until it was first passed by Town Board of Barre. The Town Board of Barre had to send the proposed changes to the Town of Barre Planning Board because the changes have to be within the guidelines and town laws.

At the meeting Planning board meeting on Nov. 4, 2020 each change to the present wind law were discussed.  Why were we the residents kept from hearing each change made?  Should we not have a right to be thoroughly informed before the public hearing; so, we the people could be prepared to ask clear direct questions at the public meeting?   Why were our town Board Member present and one of them being possible conflicted?

May the Lord Help Barre!

Mr. Alex Nacca

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