Town Workshop 5/27/20

*Municiple Meeeting are never edited*

Topics Discussed:
This Workshop was focused on the topic of the wind energy project.
Details covered within discussion were:
– Possible danger to health of residents of Barre with the addition of the wind towers.
– Town of Barre wants to move forward and encourage wind energy for economic boost to the town. And move forward with certain guidelines and regulations.
– Is the Comprehensive Plan being followed?
– 350:96 Legislative Authority
– Section A – Grammatical errors
– Article 10 vs. Aritcle 23 : when will one go and one be implemented.
– What is a large project and what is a small project under this plan?
– Who will participate and what buildings or residences will qualify?
– 350:99 – Wind Energy Overlay Zone
– 350:100 – Zoning
– Referendum to zoning – should the residents vote?
– 350:101 – Application and waiver
– Change to the setback placement?
– 350:121
– 15A #6 Decommissioning – Removal of Structures and debris
– 16 – Lifespan of the project