Town Workshop Meeting 4-22-2020

*municipal meetings are never edited*

Agenda Items discussed:

– An article will be posted in the Batavia Daily News regarding upcoming workshops to discuss revising the local wind ordinances for the town.

– The meetings are planned to be on Wednesday at 6pm on April 29th, May 6th, and May 13th. Look at the article for more information.

– The meeting was based around wind ordinances being updated to reflect the latest recommendations from the wind turbine companies.

– The new ordinances would be put in place to accommodate new technology and data found in modern wind turbines as the old ordinances may be outdated and constructed based on old data and tech from years ago when wind turbine tech was newer.

– The main recommendation is to increase the height of the turbines. This would be to produce more electricity more efficiently based on the wind patterns of the local region.

– 500ft tall may no longer a practical limitation which is the current ordinance. The wind turbine companies recommend higher (700ft +) to catch the wind to produce more electricity and make the windmills worth the cost.

– In addition to this the safety area around each turbine will have to be increased to accommodate the higher height. (1300 ft or more?)