Town Board Meeting 7/8/2020

**Municipal meetings are never edited** 1:20 Clarification on intervenor funding and wind ordinance
13:47 Minutes
14:15 Next Board Meeting scheduled for August 12th Will take place in the court room with limited number of people, social distance and facial masks requirements, which may change based on the requirements in that moment
16:30 Wind district 10
16:50 Wind district 9
17:39 Budget transfers for new business
18:20 Public wifi during COVID19
public wifi has been installed in front of the building No password needed, anyone can access from the parking lot- search “Barre Hotspot”
21:15 Harrassment Discrimination training requirement
23:20 New working document on wind law
33:38 Finance
34:30 Park
36:30 Updates
37:53 Planning Board
40:10 Park guidlines and protocols for Little League Practicing and activities Signs to be posted in front of the park- encouraging social distance and wearing facial masks
44:10 Agreement on allocation of funding
56:30 Reopening of court chamber
58:30 Letters

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